Recommended by : Kurt Gutenbrunner (Chef/Owner, KG-NY), Katie Lee (Host, The Kitchen), Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country)

Cuisine:Café. Price: $$. Location: .

Kaffe1668 is an elevated coffee shop with a fun, quirky aesthetic that also serves up wine and beer. They boast a good breakfast and lunch menu and even better coffee. Hyper-focused on coffee and tea blends, this is the spot for those connoisseurs of caffeine.

“I have a coffee and chocolate chip cookie at Kaffe1668 with my daughter Lou before she goes to school. This is the start to my ideal food day.” – Kurt Gutenbrunner (Chef/Owner, KG-NY)

“A cold-brew iced coffee from Kaffe 1668 in TriBeCa” is how Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country) would start her ideal food day.