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Musician Ziggy Marley will be hitting the upcoming Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival in a big way, so we didn’t want to miss chatting with him about how food plays a role in his life. Turns out, it’s all about homemade, family style meals when it comes to his favorite setup. Ziggy clued us in on his most memorable moments with his Father (Bob Marley), his favorite ways to eat, and why him and his family aren’t the usual restaurant types…

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What would be your ideal food day?

Some oatmeal with some nuts, berries and coconuts. At lunchtime some fresh fruit, carrot juice, beets, celery, cucumber and some fresh salad with orange, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Some fish or protein for dinner, and call it a day.

Your favorite cities to go on tour…

I don’t think I have any favorite cities. I always like tropical places where there’s a lot of nature; Hawaii is a nice place. The islands – the Caribbean is nice. If it’s a beautiful place with nature that’s much better than being in a metropolitan city. It’s much more fun for us.

What do you eat there?

Fruit; whatever native fruits are there. In the Caribbean you can get real coconut water from the actual coconut and you can eat the meat of the coconut. At the seaside in Jamaica you can get fresh, wild fish just caught from the ocean. You know, all the native foods. Fruits and vegetables mainly; I don’t really eat meat.

Some spots you plan to hit up while in Miami for the SOBE Festival…

Most of my family is in Miami, so I go there to eat some good home-cooked Jamaican style meals.

Was there a recipe your dad used to make? What was it?

My dad never cooked much. My mom cooked; the woman did the cooking. Sunday dinner was a very special dinner because in those days you couldn’t eat the expensive things every day. Sunday was when you got the good stuff – the good chicken and everything. There was rice and peas with coconut milk, scotch bonnet peppers and then some fish or some chicken. We killed our own chicken – in those days it was more interesting.

A current restaurant your Dad would have loved…

No, no; we didn’t grow up with restaurants. My father didn’t go to restaurants. Sometimes in Jamaica there used to be people cooking on the side of the streets – an informal setting by the ocean or even in the ghetto. In the ghetto, there was this one guy who had food,  cooked it, put it in a box and you’d buy it from him. It wasn’t a restaurant per se – not the way we would think of restaurants in America. We didn’t go to restaurants when my father was around. But me, I like sushi. So I go to this restaurant Sushi Sushi.

Do you cook? What’s a go-to recipe for you?

Simplicity. This is how I cook: I see what’s in my kitchen and I put it out. I don’t have a recipe. I take whatever scraps I have and I make it from the scraps. I like spices so I put on pepper and stuff like that.

Is there a meal with a certain musician that was most memorable to you? What was it? What did you have? 

I think I would have to go back to the memories of my father as a musician, when me and my brother Steven went to Zimbabwe with him for the Independence celebration in 1980. We got introduced for the first time to Africa and African food. We had something called Fufu – not sure what it was – but we went out and tried some local food and I’ll never forget that. That was very memorable.

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