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Derek Blasberg reigns when it comes to fashion and 21st century etiquette. The fashion writer, editor and best-selling author has become the watchword on a number of culture topics – and we thought there was no better way to have a grand New York fashion week finale. As editor at large at Harper’s Bazaar, VMAN, and V Magazine, Derek has collaborated with seemingly every luminary in the industry including Karl Lagerfeld, David Bailey and Marilyn Minter. We sat down with Blasberg to chat about everything food, etiquette and the art of the dinner party…

What’s your drink?

Tea during the day, and tequila at night.

What would your last meal be?

I can eat anything if it’s fried. So my ideal last meal would be French fries – with truffle oil if I’m lucky to die some place fancy.

What do you always bring to a dinner party? Where do you get it?

A bottle of champagne if I pass a liquor store, or flowers if I pass a florist or deli. I’m not the best chef, so I know better than to bring something people are intended to eat.

What do you always put out when having one?


The ultimate dinner party faux pas…

Phones on the table! It drives me mad.

How important is the handwritten thank you note? Why?

My mom wouldn’t let me play with my Christmas toys until I had written my thank you notes, which was annoying at the time, but really instilled in me a respect for showing gratitude to loved ones. Especially today, a handwritten note is a touching, simple way to show someone that you appreciate their thoughtfulness. (And it’s especially easy with my line of stationery, Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony). I’ve always thought that people skim emails, but they read notes.

The first sign of a great host or hostess…

Someone who actually organizes a social gathering. These days, hardly anyone entertains at home, so I’m always pleased when someone puts together a dinner party.

The first sign of a bad one…

Obnoxious music

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