karlie kloss victorias secret

karlie kloss victorias secret

Karlie Kloss

Model, Co-Creator of Karlie’s Kookies

As our killer New York fashion week lineup continues, we thought we’d feature someone whose photo we literally wouldn’t mind posting on every corner and crevice of The New Potato. That’s right, supermodel Karlie Kloss took a break from the jet-setting, the photo shoots and the like to be our Epicurean this week. As if Kloss isn’t busy enough lighting up every magazine and runway, she’s also a force to be reckoned within the food world. Her line for Momofoku Milk Bar, Karlie’s Kookies – which she created in collaboration with famed Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi – is absolutely delicious, and for that matter, absolutely healthy. We could all take a tip or two from this amazing tastemaker, and let’s be real – who doesn’t want to hear about this model’s vices, routines and fridge contents? We figured as much.

Describe your ideal food day…

Thanksgiving! I love to cook and bake, especially with my mom, sisters and grandma. So a holiday that brings multiple generations of family members together in the kitchen is ideal to me.

What’s your drink?

I love to make homemade almond milk hot chocolate in the wintertime. It’s heavenly!

What would your last meal be?

Without question, my last meal would be my Mom’s famous homemade chicken pot pie, (it’s to die for) followed by my Grandma’s Key Lime Pie, followed by as many Karlie’s Kookies as I could eat. (Hey, if it’s my last meal ever, why not have it all?)

How do you start your day on a good note?

A cup of coffee from a little place around the corner from my house and some greek yogurt with a little agave and fresh fruit.

What’s your splurge?

Karlie’s Kooooooookies. I am a serious sucker for both flavors (the rich and chocolatey 5Boro Kookie and the dark chocolate and oat Perfect 10 Kookie) but the best part is that even though they’re sinfully delicious, they’re also vegan and are secretly wholesome and nutritious.

What catches your eye on every menu?

Brussel sprouts. They aren’t your average vegetable but they’re one of my favorites and I always order them when I see them on a menu. Sometimes I’m guilty of asking for a special order of them from the kitchen if they aren’t (on the menu).

What are your favorite places to travel to?

I love going anywhere warm! I am a serious sun worshipper. I get excited whenever a photo shoot takes me to the gorgeous beaches of St. Barths, Mexico, Dominican Republic or even Miami and LA. Although, I suppose Paris isn’t so bad either.

What won’t you travel without?

Gum. No matter where I am or where I am going, I always have a pack of gum on me. I have a nervous habit of chewing a million pieces when I’m on airplanes. I’ve tried many flavors and brands and I’ve come to the conclusion that German gum (specifically Extra Spearmint) is superior to the rest. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share.

What ingredient do you consider overrated?

People may come after me for this, but I think white refined sugar is completely overrated. Why use something so boring when there are so many more nutritious alternatives to add sweetness and flavor? Whether cooking, baking or enjoying a cup of coffee, I always opt for a natural alternative like honey or agave. I think it’s fun to get creative with your sweetener substitutions. For instance, in our 5Boro Kookie, the culinary GENIUS Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar, had the idea of swapping traditional sugar with pineapple juice as a more nutritious, delicious and flavorful sweetener.

What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?

Cinnamon. I love adding it to my hot chocolate, oatmeal or sprinkling some in when I’m baking.

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  1. Melody Lam

    February 11th, 2013

    Je l’aime beaucoup!

  2. Jim Clark

    February 15th, 2013

    She sounds like the best possible combination: a (secretly healthy) chocoholic and a football fan to boot. Karlie, can I adopt you? (Alas, my sweetheart would kill me over the football part.)

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