Recommended by : Ted Allen (Host, Chopped), Scott Conant (Judge, Chopped), Michael Chiarello (Chef/Owner, Bottega), Alfred Portale (Chef/Co-Owner, Gotham Bar & Grill), Alexandra Guarnaschelli (Chef, Iron Chef America), Johnny Iuzzini (Pastry Chef)

Cuisine:Seafood, Spanish. Price: $$$. Location: .

This delicious tapas spot from Seamus Mullen has a Spanish taverna feel and is an unbelievable food spot on the somewhat awkward lower part of 6th avenue. With a snug feel and a hearth-style oven, it’s hard to resist going in for delicious innovative small plates, wines and welcome service.

“I love Seamus Mullen’s Tertulia for small plates.” – Scott Conant (Judge, Chopped)

“Dinner would be at Tertulia. I love the cuisine there and love what Seamus Mullen is doing.” – Alfred Portale (Chef/Co-Owner, Gotham Bar & Grill)

“Seamus Mullen’s Tertulia, an homage to a Spanish cider house” – Ted Allen (Host, Chopped)

“I love Tertulia.” – Alexandra Guarnaschelli (Chef, Iron Chef America)