Elettra Wiedemann

elettra wiedemann model

Model and activist Elettra Wiedemann happens to be the epitome of what we love here at The New Potato – the intersection of two great industries. A top fashion model, the lovely Wiedemann has stepped into the food world as well with her company Goodness. Goodness includes a series of pop-up restaurants that sport a locally sourced menu with specials from the country’s hottest chefs. It’s quickly become a New York fashion week staple, just like Wiedemann herself. But the boundaries of Goodness go way beyond New York. The pop ups are global, happening at haute events all around the world. Everything is driven by Wiedemann’s healthy food initiative as well as the Goodness mantra, “eco is always chic.” And if anyone could make eco-friendly chic, it’s Elettra Wiedemann, which is why we couldn’t resist the chance at making her our next coveted Epicurean…

What would be your ideal food day?  

I am a pasta monster, so anything with pasta is good for me…Even just pasta with butter and some parmesan.

How do you start your day on a good note?

With a huge espresso from my Moka.

Do you have a daily routine that keeps things healthy? What is it? 

I train for triathlons. My distance is Ironman 70.3. I just did my first in Miami and am obsessed. I plan to do at least two more 70.3’s next year and then maybe go for a full Ironman at the end of next year or in early 2014.

What’s your splurge? Where do you get it?

As far as food…does Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut count? Happily, these are available at most delis throughout New York City.

What restaurant never goes out of style? 

Whitehall in Greenwich Village in NYC

What catches your eye on every menu? 

Pasta, but usually I have to pull myself toward salad and fish.

What’s your go-to recipe when cooking for family and friends? 

I have to eat healthy for work, so I have become a pro at making yummy salads full of different veggies, nuts, cheeses, etc. I also can make a delish baked salmon in a mustard sauce. I also make something called Elettra’s Bowl of Goodness that is a crowd pleaser. It is layers of roasted vegetables, quinoa, pesto, and hummus, sprinkled with some feta cheese.

What ingredient(s) do you consider overrated? 

Butter and bacon

What ingredient(s) are you convinced makes everything better? 

Olive oil or pesto

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