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Francois Payard’s recently opened FP Patisserie on the Upper East Side is utter deliciousness. Between the aesthetic, the products and the pastries that have made Payard the acclaimed chef he is, it’s a neighborhood addition we’ve been excitedly anticipating. We couldn’t help but sit down with Payard for a guide to his favorite spots on the Upper East Side, as well as a tour through his new patisserie. The opening week was busy, but the chef still had time to eat and drink his way through the neighborhood!

For on-the-go breakfast, stop by…

Joe Coffee

Must order: Roasted coffee and pistachio cake

For a sit-down breakfast, stop by…

I never have time for sit down breakfast, but if I did, I would go to EJ’s Luncheonette for an omelet.

For the very best coffee, stop by…

Joe Coffee

For brunch, stop by…


If you feel more like breakfast, order: Eggs Benedict

If you feel more like lunch, order: Nicoise Salad

For the best of both worlds, order: The Croque Madame

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  1. Chimpanzeesus

    November 26th, 2012

    No disclaimer that chef’s wife is a co-owner of Vegan Divas?

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