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Nightlife impresario Jeffrey Jah is a legend in his own right. Co-owner of coveted nightlife spots such as Double Seven, 1 Oak and The Lambs Club (to name a few) Jah has been at the helm of the nightlife establishment since the mid-90’s. Collaborating with other party legends such as Ian Schrager, Jeffrey Chodorow, Serge Becker and Jason Strauss, Jah’s left his mark on some of the most iconic couture club spots. We sat down with Jah – gatekeeper of some of the hottest venues around the world – to talk about staying timeless, what’s new and why his spots are never just flashes in the pan…

What’s the new city we all have to go to? What makes it suddenly special? 

There are so many interesting new city’s to visit. I really like Budva in Montenegro. It’s an ancient city over 14,000 years old that is seaside with great restaurants, clubs and a great daytime lifestyle.

I also like Florianopolis in the south of Brazil. It’s a fantastic city in the summer (or winter) – sort of the Ibiza of South America – except it has great surfing, hiking, forty two beaches and the nightlife is also superb. We own two venues in Florianopolis: The Double Seven, which is in the city, and Cafe de la Musique, which is on the beach in Jerure.

What are some new up and coming nightlife areas in New York?

I think the next spots are Tribeca and the Lower East Side.

How do you keep your venues “hot,” without them being “flashes in the pan?” 

It’s somewhat of an art, but basically we curate our venues by mixing interesting, different people at all times. Our door for example at the Double Seven is very selective.

What’s special about the hotel restaurant?

The Lambs Club at the Chatwal Hotel is an amazing restaurant because of the design, attention to service and the constantly changing menu by Chef [Geoffrey] Zakarian.

How involved are you with the aesthetic of your venues?

Very involved. I work very closely with the design team, with special attention to the flow of sightlines and functionality, as to enhance customer experience. The most important aspect for me is the lighting.

Is your brand a lifestyle? If so, how would you define it?

Absolutely! I’m a curator of people – mixing the super cool with the establishment, the rich with the poor, the gay with the straight, all nationalities and creeds! That’s what makes a great room vibe!

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