Kelly Carambula

the best remedy

Kelly Carambula is queen when it comes to cocktails, and her blog The Best Remedy, is a delicious collection of food and cocktail recipes that are seasonally inspired. The design of the site itself is hard to resist, as is the honesty behind Kelly’s blog. While many bloggers act as absolute experts, Carambula comically admits turning her nose up at everything besides mac & cheese for the first 20 years of her life – and refers to certain recipes she’s tried as “disasters.” We like this authenticity when it comes to cooking – and it’s a perfect pairing to Carambula’s talent in the kitchen. Her food magazine, Remedy Quarterly, is a perfect pairing to her blog, and serves somewhat as a community cookbook – a favorite among foodies. We talked with Carambula who gives her take on cocktails, favorite ingredients and last meals…

Describe your ideal food day…

My husband and I would start off the day with homemade breakfast being delivered to our room at one of my favorite B&Bs, Manka’s Inverness Lodge in Point Reyes, CA. Then we’d drive and walk around, admiring the landscape and breathing in the fresh air. For lunch we’d meet a bunch of friends at Tomales Bay Oysters or Hog Island Oysters where we’d shuck oysters and have a picnic. For dinner, we’d drive back to San Francisco, stopping along the way to check out the amazing views and perhaps have a beverage at The Pelican Inn. Hopefully we’d get to the city in time to check out some of my favorite food shops, Pot + Pantry and Omnivore Books on Food before heading to dinner at Outerlands.

Well, now I want to go on vacation.

What’s your drink?

I have two and they’re kind of opposites. I love a good Margarita on the rocks, with salt (I hate the sugary sweet ones though) and a Manhattan – especially if it has a homemade boozy cherry in it.

What would your last meal be?

I’ve thought about this a lot and I have to say that I always go back to something I eat on a regular basis. Chips and guacamole, a pork enchilada and of course a margarita (or two) all from my favorite local joint, Pequena.

How do you start your day?

I just started working for myself (woohoo!) and I’m renting a desk in Dumbo, which has changed my mornings for the better. After waking up and getting ready, my dog Maude and I will walk through Fort Greene and pick up a coffee for me and a treat for her, then walk through the park where she can run around like a crazy lady. Then we’ll make our way past the Navy Yards, through Vinegar Hill and down to my office. I also like to ride my bike, in which case I strap Maude (in her carrier bag) to my back and we get coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company (okay, and maybe a doughnut from Dough).

Favorite place to travel for food?

San Francisco and Paris. Although lately I’ve been into roaming the midwest (Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota) in search of good beer and tasty treats – there’s more than you might think.

Favorite places to go for Happy Hour?

I love Angels Share in the East Village. It’s a tiny little bar tucked inside a Japanese restaurant on the second floor. The cocktails are incredible! They do classics perfectly, but they also have amazing original cocktails that have really cute descriptions with them. Watching the bartenders make and pour the drinks is perfect entertainment for me.

What ingredient do you consider overrated?

Mustard. I just can’t get into it.

What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?

Lemon zest. Oh, and butter.