Cedric Tovar

When Chef Cedric Tovar revamped the Bobo menu in January 2012, the change seemed like the perfect pairing. This innovative chef, previously at Town and Django, now serves us classic french bistro fare in the centuries old space. Tovar’s been at Bobo a short time, yet he already has a cultivated understanding of his new space, describing it as ‘eating in someone’s dining room, rather than a restaurant.’ It’s nice to hear a chef name the feeling you can’t seem to put into words, which is why we see them as storytellers rather than just chefs. This culinary storytelling kicks off our new column, Tastings – a journey through the menu incredible chefs create for us. Cedric Tovar – our first chef – delivers an eclectic menu that rises and falls the same way a great novel does. The New Potato was hooked.

1st Course: “This is a canopy of lobster mimosa. Mimosa in France is basically the whole egg. So I called this lobster mimosa because I’ve put the lobster in an egg white cup. The lobster is mixed with what you’d put in a lobster roll, finished with crisp shallots and parsley.

Next to that, homemade Pate de Campagne; we do that in house with a little bit of foie gras, mushroom shallots and pork shoulder, finished with mustard and cornichon.

Then, a toast of chickpea and merguez, braised in tomato with a little bit of harissa”


2nd Course: “On the left side you have steak tartare. Classic steak tartare except it’s finished with a quail egg on top and seasoned with cornichon capers.

In the middle is asparagus salad with fromage blanc, seasoned with parsley, lemon zest, olive oil, salt, pepper and pickled mushrooms.

On the right side you have crab salad with avocado and grapefruit.

Bon appetit!”


3rd course: Here you have one of our best sellers! Scallop risotto with asparagus, finished with classic mascarpone parmesan. After that, chili peppers, green sauce, with watercress.


4th course: “These are two dishes being served on the menu. Duck breast finished with hazelnuts and honey, served over polenta with a little bit of rhubarb marmalade. Braised duck leg in red wine with sautéed potatoes and mushrooms.”


5th course: “A little sorbet: blueberry, cabernet mint, melon, and strawberry rhubarb. And carrot cake, with cream cheese glaze and ginger candy.

Then there’s my version of the mars bar. With crunchy caramel on the bottom, milk chocolate mousse inside, covered with crunchy chocolate on top.