Lettuce Fatoush Salad

middle eastern fatoush salad


Lettuce, Baby Gem – 4 heads

Oak lettuce, red baby – 4 heads

Frisee – 2 heads

Cucumber, persian – 2 ea

Tomato, heirloom – 2 ea

Radish, assorted colors – 10 ea

Purslane – 10 sprigs

Pita bread – 2 ea


1) The lettuces in this salad are merely a suggestion. There should be a mix of 3 or 4 different kinds of lettuce; whatever is seasonal or available at the farmers market works best.

2) Wash and dry the lettuce and cut into smaller pieces.

3) Tear pita into bite size pieces and fry in vegetable oil until golden. Set aside.

4) Slice cucumber and radish thin and cut tomatoes into chunks. Combine all ingredients, season with sea salt and dress with sumac vinaigrette.

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