Rob McIntosh

the dapper dude

Sometimes great food is about great contrasts. Sweet with salty, light with rich, cream with crunch. Rob McIntosh understands the importance of these contrasts, which is why he created a blog with an oxymoron right in the title: The Dapper Dude. McIntosh appreciates the finer things in life, but he’s also just a dude, and his blog plays host to an appealing variety – from fine dining to great scotch, all the way to the costume decisions on Mad Men. It was his palate that drew us in though, so we couldn’t help but usher this dude in as one of our Epicureans. McIntosh on hot pretzels at the Standard Biergarten and Fage Greek yogurt…

Describe your ideal food day...

Breakfast/Brunch: My ideal food day would have to include trying a place that I haven’t been to. I’ve been wanting to try Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Lunch: Eating and drinking outside is also essential. I’d probably grab a beer or a Bloody Mary and split a hot pretzel at The Standard Biergarten and save room for dinner.

Dinner: No food day would be ideal without my favorite…Middle Eastern. My go to spot right now is Naya in Midtown East.

What’s your drink?

Old Fashioned. Dark and Stormy in the warmer months.

The restaurant or bar that’s a perfect mix of “man cave” and fine dining and why?

The Breslin at the Ace Hotel. The food is great and nothing says man cave like dim lighting and a little taxidermy.

How do you start your day?

Late. And always with a Fage Greek yogurt at my desk.

What’s the restaurant you just discovered?

RedFarm in the West Village. The food is amazing and the rustic atmosphere is very unique for an Asian inspired restaurant.

What restaurant do you go to for the atmosphere?

The Lion in Greenwich Village has one of the best atmospheres of any restaurant I’ve been to. The artwork is awesome and the grand dining room is like a scene from The Great Gatsby. The food is great too, which is most important.

Your late night spot…

If I’m in the area I’ll hit Mamoun’s for a chicken schawarma pocket. A slice from the corner pizza spot usually does the trick as well.

Your “guys only” spot…

P.J. Clarke’s on 55th St. I only get up there once every few months, but the bartender, Doug, remembers my drink every time. My Dad and I go there whenever he’s in town.

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