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Restaurateur David Myers is a culinary globetrotter in all senses. Not only do his restaurants literally span from Tokyo to Southern California, but his cuisine at each is regionally different. Myers’ first Los Angeles restaurant Sona was awarded a Michelin star and his second LA concept Comme Ca – a classic french brasserie – successfully expanded to Las Vegas. The chef has also delved in Italian Cuisine with Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa where he serves handmade Neopolitan pizzas and housemade pastas.  He’s also opened SOLA and David Myers Cafe at a few locations in Tokyo – the first a high end patisserie and the latter a California inspired restaurant featuring Japanese ingredients. Receiving consistent praise from Food and Wine, GQ, and the James Beard Foundation (to name only a few) Myers’ is one of those chefs whose career you’re eagerly watching…we know The New Potato is.

What’s different about your food?

It’s spontaneous and has a perpetual fluidity that, in my mind, creates unforgettable dishes and dining experiences.

At each of your restaurants, are you constantly making changes? How so?

Yes, we’re always changing and evolving. Of course we have our signature items, but we offer daily and weekly specials that help draw people back in. It’s also a great way to showcase our interpretations of our travels on the plate.

What made you decide to launch the new Bistronomy menu at Comme Ca?

At Comme Ca, we have always aimed to bring a true slice of Paris, both traditional and modern, to Los Angeles. It’s only natural that we reflect this important and forward-thinking movement in our cooking – after all, it’s the juxtaposition of old and new culinary traditions that is most satisfying.

How do your travels and experiences play into that menu?

The menu, written daily and evolving often, riffs on and pays deference to the revered institutions of bistronomy. Our travels have helped us bring spontaneous and approachable yet highly evolved cooking stateside.

Can you share some menu favorites from Comme Ca and SOLA?

At Comme Ca Vegas, I love the Duck Confit Cinnamon Bun. In West Hollywood and Vegas, I love both the Bouillabaisse and the Steak Tartare. And of course, our Burger is the best.

At SOLA, I love our chiffon cake, which changes seasonally. Right now my favorite is the Yuzu Cheesecake made with yuzu from Shikoko Island. I also love the cheesecake that we’re doing at SOLA. We have a Green Tea Cheesecake with salted plum that is awesome.

We know you love to travel, what are your favorite cities to travel for food?

My favorite food cities are Paris and Tokyo.

What spots do you go to in each?

In Paris, there are a number of restaurants that I frequent: Le Verre VoléLe Comptoir du RelaisL’Avant ComptoirFrenchieFrenchie Bar à VinsLe ChateaubriandChez L’Ami JeanL’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, and Ladurée

There are almost too many to name in Tokyo: Toritama for yakitori, Wodka Tonic for whiskey, Star Bar Ginza for fruit cocktails, Honmura An for the best soba, Sushi Shin for the best sushi of your life. and Hitachino beer for the best local brew.

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