April Bloomfield

april bloomfield the spotted pig

Your afternoon snack…

Usually tea and a sandwich.

What’s always in your fridge?

Cheese, salami, butter and jam.

Favorite night of the week, and why?

I don’t think I have one.

What are your vices?

Biscuits and chocolate; I can devour a whole packet without thinking.

Is there anything, that’s at all your restaurants, that screams “April?”

Most definitely. Check out the answer to question number eight! [Chili, anchovies and acidity, like lemons, limes and vinegar]

Your go-to recipe when eating in…

Pasta Amatriciana. It’s nice and spicy with good, cured pig face. 

And most importantly, how do you feel about New potatoes?

I love new potatoes! There’s nothing better than when they are dug straight from the ground with mud still on them; their skins are so tender. In England, we have this potato called Jersey Royals and they only come around in the spring. Boil them in plenty of salt and mint, then drain and toss with plenty of butter!