Jeremy Redleaf


Jeremy Redleaf’s business card reads a variety of strange occupations, from hand modeler to voice-over talent. In this, he is the real face of his breakout website, a site dedicated the the art of odd jobs. Whether you’re looking for one, or just looking for a laugh, this website found a new way to deal with the job situation. At its helm is Jeremy Redleaf, CEO and founder, who should add expert foodie to his business card; we loved his new power lunch!

Name: Jeremy Redleaf

Occupation: Actor-Writer-Director-Producer-Entrepreneur-Hyphen-collector

Currently living in: The delightfully serene hamlet known as Murray Hill

What you eat for lunch when doing business in…

Chelsea: Talked general development with my muse over the Ham & Cheese pie at Co.

Upper West Side: Brainstormed ideas for a new app over a buffalo chicken wrap and waffle fries at Lincoln Park

West Village: Met a potential assistant over Massamam Braised Goat Stew at Kin Shop

Flatiron: Caught up with an old employee over a Brie Sub from No. 7 Sub at the Ace Hotel

Midtown: Strategized about the re-launch of over a custom-made burger at The Counter

Meatpacking District: Met with a potential television collaborator over Onion and Chili Crusted Short Ribs at Spice Market

*Photo by Chris Grunder