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James Oseland is nothing short of a culinary icon. He continues to stun us on Top Chef Masters, where he articulates food in a way none of us can. With eight James Beard journalism awards under his belt, Oseland is one of the few that could sway our most stubborn culinary opinions in a mere sentence. Oseland let’s us in on what the food world wants to know: the ingredients that win him over, and the ones that don’t work for him. Oseland on his ideal food day, the restaurateur whose career he’s always followed, and what he looks for in a dish…

Could you take us through your ideal food day? Where would you go? What would you eat?

My ideal food day would start with a simple breakfast at home: good whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, a piece of fruit, and a cup of milky PG Tips tea. For lunch I’d travel to Manhattan’s Koreatown where I’d enjoy a bowl of bibim naeng myun – delicious, cold buckwheat noodles served with thin slices of Asian pear, a sweet, hot chili sauce and half a hard-boiled egg. This I’d eat at any number of fabulous places on 32nd Street. For dinner, depending on my mood, I would either a) go for the tasting menu at Daniel Humm’s ever-fabulous Eleven Madison Park, or b) if I was feeling more like a homebody, I’d share a spare, but satisfying meal with my husband Daniel: rice & beans and a fresh, bright, chopped salad served alongside a good glass of cabernet.

The restaurant that never goes out of style…

La Grenouille, in Manhattan’s mid-town, is truly a doyenne of New York City’s dining, from the fresh-cut flowers that adorn every table to the always great renditions of French classics.

The Chef or Restaurateur whose career you’ve always followed…

The trajectory of New York City chef Jonathan Waxman’s career, from his days as a cook in Northern California to his wonderful Barbuto, in New York’s West Village, is a thing that I seriously admire.

What’s your favorite place to travel for food?

Penang, Malaysia

What’s the farthest you’ve travelled for it?

From New York City to Southeast Asia.

The first thing you look for in a dish…

Bright colors, visual harmony and nothing excessive or frilly.

The ingredient that will usually win you over…

Coconut milk

The one that doesn’t usually work for you…


The food trend you’re into…

The rise in people wanting to cook more at home.

The food trend that has it all wrong…

Blind obsession with celebrity chefs.

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  1. Full Skillet

    March 21st, 2012

    “The food trend you’re into…

    The rise in people wanting to cook more at home.

    The food trend that has it all wrong…

    Blind obsession with celebrity chefs.”

    Those are the right answers!!

  2. Allison @ The Bleu Whale

    December 1st, 2012

    So true with the blind obsession answer!J ust because they’re hailed as “famous” or are on TV doesn’t mean they’re gods of food

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