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Chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian – reigning expert behind the sexy hotel restaurant and most recent winner on the iconic culinary series The Next Iron Chef – hardly needs an introduction. Food Network fans are captivated by this timeless restaurateur’s recurring role on hit shows like Chopped, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, 24 hour restaurant battle, The Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. When taking a break from the big screen, Geoffrey Zakarian reigns over New York hot spots like The National at The Benjamin Hotel as well as The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel – both inspired by the grand cafes across Europe. His Miami spot, The Tudor House at Dream South Beach, has managed to become an iconic favorite within mere months. Also a notable cookbook author, Zakarian brings an eclectic timelessness to the world of cuisine. Zakarian is one of those icons whose fame never hinders his constant effort to innovate in every facet of the industry. We’re proud to introduce this weeks icon, Geoffrey Zakarian…

Can you describe what your ideal food day would be?

Breakfast at Buvette in the village, lunch at Balthazar with my daughters, and home cooked pizza with my whole family in my kitchen.

What’s the secret to a successful hotel restaurant?

You need to be extremely focused on who you are and not try to be everything to everyone, just because you are in a hotel.  Do what you do best, not what you think everyone wants.

As the expert behind the sexy hotel restaurant, which ones are your favorites besides your own?

I like Jean Georges at the Trump and L’Atelier [de Joel Robuchon] at the Four Seasons.

You are the new Iron Chef, but is there anyone you’ve never been in the arena with that you’re itching to go up against?

Well I would love to actually cook against Daniel Boulud, my mentor.

What ingredient would you love getting assigned?

Rack of lamb

Which ingredient would you dread?

Durian fruit

Do you happen to have any favorite upcoming chefs?

There are too many!!

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