Jen Causey

Blogger and author, Jennifer Causey, never fails to make our mouths water before 9AM. Her blog, Simply Breakfast, is entirely based on the art of breakfast – that and morning light are the things she loves most. Her combination of wit and incredible food photography made her a foodie we simply had to sit down with. Also check below for a delicious gallery of our top breakfasts from her site. From almond butter with honey on an english muffin to warm apple sauce with a dollop of greek yogurt, enjoy today’s foodie – Jennifer Causey.

Describe your ideal food day…

Having breakfast or brunch with friends, preferably something we all cook together. Enjoying bloody marys, coffee and conversation. Then maybe going out for an afternoon snack of oysters and drinks, or coffee and sweets. Then going to dinner somewhere with great food where we can linger and talk.

What’s special about breakfast…

It sets the tone for your whole day. Taking the time to sit and enjoy it gives you time to think about what’s ahead, or to just enjoy time with loved ones.

What’s always in your fridge?

Greek yogurt, almond milk, red onions

How do you start your day?

A warm mug of hot water with lemon, followed by a strong cup of coffee.

Favorite place to travel for food?


What ingredient do you consider overrated? 

That’s tough…there seems to be an overuse of pork lately, but I wouldn’t say it’s overrated.

What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better? 

Olive oil

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