Ken Romaniszyn

Madison Avenue is a fitting setting for Lady M, the cake boutique house that hosts the most delectable, savory products one can imagine. Famous for creations like the layered crepe cake – a masterpiece featuring at least twenty paper thin house-made crepes layered with a creamy custard – both attention to detail and dedication to presentation  make this spot a true aesthetic inspiration. The boutique combines both French and Asian influences, which is perhaps the secret to achieving both subtlety and complexity in their cakes. Aesthetic aside, our personal favorites included the cheesecake with a savory graham cracker crust, as well as the lush red velvet and green tea cakes. We sat down with owner and innovator, Ken Romaniszyn, who talked about the vision of Lady M, as well as a perpetual love of Holly Golightly…

What’s different about Lady M?

Lady M is unique in that we successfully pair classic French pastry techniques with Asian style and sensibility in a modern New York City setting.

How would you sum up your aesthetic?

Our creations and cakes appear to be simple but prove memorable in the subtle and quiet details, a combination of texture and flavor that balance simplicity with complexity.

What are your inspirations?

We’re inspired by people.  We want to create that memorable cake which makes any occasion just a touch more special. As for one individual in particular? Audrey Hepburn, who effortlessly represents style, elegance, and grace. These are key elements that Lady M aims to emulate in everything we do.

Are there any New York spots you go to for inspiration?

Simply walking in New York City is inspiration itself. It’s the best walking city in the world. I can stroll down Madison Avenue each day of the week and still see something new that I never noticed before. It could be the product alone, the arrangement of window displays or the architecture of a building. Pay attention to details; inspiration is everywhere in this city.

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