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We went straight to Hollywood’s newest It girl for our first Los Angeles City Guide. Alexandra Daddario is best known for her role in feature films like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, as well as the hit television show Parenthood. Soon, she’ll star in the newest installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. Alexandra takes some time away from the set to share some of her favorite spots in LA…

The place for Sunday brunch…

La Provence or Hugo’s. La Provence has amazing chocolate chip muffins and a great half salad/soup combo (they also have amazing cakes). Hugo’s has an extensive and interesting menu with something to offer everyone, including vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free options.

The place to go when you’re in the mood for a scene…

At Hugo’s, I’ve seen a celebrity almost every time I’ve been there, so if you want to go celebrity spotting…For more of a club scene, Sayers, located in the back of a Papaya King, always has great music and a great crowd.

Where to get drinks to kick the night off?

The Village Idiot on Melrose is great. They have a great beer and wine selection and good small-portion appetizers.

Where to get drinks after work?

I’m into laid-back, dive bar type places most of the time, and St. Nick’s on West 3rd is a great place to hang out and unwind.

Favorite area in LA for food…

I live in Los Angeles on the border of West Hollywood near Beverly Hills, so this is where I eat most often and I think it’s pretty great. There’s a lot to choose from. On Canon, there are at least six fantastic Italian restaurants within walking distance of each other.

What’s your favorite dinner spot?

Drago Centro, one of the Italian places on Canon, is fantastic. The salmon and the lasagna are incredible.

The place to get the best power lunch…

La Scala, also on Canon, is known for it’s chopped salad. At lunch time, it’s a sea of agents and chopped salads.

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