Anna Jo Mclean

the standard


Anna Jo Mclean, more commonly referred to as Jo, truly capitalizes on a night off. The great part – her night starts at 9 AM. The maitre d’ at The Standard on French onion soup at brunch and hard cider at Pearl Social…

I find that since I spend most of my nights surrounded by all of the flashiness of the Meatpacking district, which I absolutely love, I tend to want to spend my nights off in the less polished, young, independent neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My neighborhood in particular, is Bushwick. To me it’s like one giant house party…

9AM –
After partying into the wee hours of the morning, the night before, me, my roommate Dev, and my best girlfriend Ada, wake up at my place from a disco nap, still ready to rage. We start the day off with our weekly tradition, of champagne on the rooftop. Warm sunshine, an amazing view of the city, and good music – instant dance party! The weekend has begun.

2:30PM –
Me and the ladies decide to get dressed up and go to one of our favorite restaurants in Williamsburg for brunch. Santos Anne, is an intimate little cozy spot, based on a French/ Mexican love story, which is clearly reflected in both the cuisine and the decor. I just love the staff. They always make me feel welcome in their home. Live music, tasty food and excellent cocktails; this place is a MUST try (try the “Lo Lo” shot!)

I had: The french onion soup

Drink of choice: “La Violette”

7ish –
Next up is drinks at Pearl Social and Billy Club, in Bushwick. I especially love the ambiance of this place. It has a sort of speakeasy feel to it with a daisy on every table, drinks served in Mason jars, and dimly lit chandeliers. This place is always a good time for me and the girls.

Drink of choice: Many shots with the bartenders, and hard cider all around

9:30 or so –
It’s time for a change of pace, and some food perhaps…

Ada, Dev, and I decide to make a pit stop at The Pine Box Rock Shop, for a “double homicide” spicy pickle back shot, en route to our next destination.

10PM –
Food is what’s on the menu right now.. We make our way over to Roberta’s, for some delicious brick oven pizza. This place is pretty popular, so there’s usually a pretty lengthy wait, which we don’t mind. Between the radio show being broadcasted, movies being shown on the big screen, and a tiki bar out back, its easy to lose track of time at this place.

We decided to share: The garden fresh squash, the calzone.
We customized the “Rosso” pizza with many many veggie toppings.

After midnight –

There is only one way I can think to end my epic night off with my girlfriends. and that’s with a drink (or two) from our favorite late night spot, The Narrows. We just love a bar that knows how to make a girl a good cocktail! The bartenders here always take care of us.

Drink of choice: “The Derringer” and “The Northside”

Last call drink: A shot of Fernet

2:30ish –
The night is winding down, yet still young. Time to grab some frozen yogurt, and head back to my place for a late night jam session. Night made!

*Anna Jo Mclean, photographed at The Standard by Danielle Kosann