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christopher lee huntington social

We all know Chef Christopher Lee from Top Chef Masters, but what many don’t know is that he has a love for abstract art, as well as an itch to be in the competitive arena with Morimoto. His restaurant, Huntington Social, features incredible cuisine in a setting inspired by the prohibition era; his Miami venue, Eden, hosts seasonal cuisine with breakout plating techniques that can only be traced back to Chef Lee himself. The chef takes us through his favorite cooking shows and explains why there’s nothing missing when it comes to food in Miami…

Could you take us through your ideal food day?

Toasted everything bagel with cream cheese for Breakfast.  Then a classic Dim Sum Lunch with Sake. Dinner would be a Aged NY strip loin with butter poached lobster and a peppercorn sauce.  And finish the day with Berry Cream Stuff Oreo’s and a glass of milk.

What are your favorite cooking shows? 

The Secrets of a Chef – Chef Hubert Keller

What’s the restaurant in Miami you recently discovered?

Sugar Cane. Chef Timon is master.

Where’s your favorite place to travel for food?


If you could pick a chef to be in the competitive arena with, who would it be?

The Old G himself, Morimoto.

What ingredient would you hope to get assigned?

Tuna would be ideal.

What ingredient would you dread getting assigned?

Eggplant would be a nightmare.

Why do you love abstract art? How does it influence the food?

Plating has always been very important to me and abstract art was a style that caught my eye. Through Abstract Art I can make textures, flavors, and food concepts come alive on a plate. I have a theory and it is called The One Two Punch. The first thing a diner sees is the plate. Then they taste it, so if the plate is beautiful the brain begins to think it must taste great. Then, if the plate tastes awesome, you have The One Two Punch.

What’s always in your fridge?

Mayo, Cheese, Franks Hot Sauce, Hot Pockets, Cold Cuts, and Fruit Punch

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