Kevin Tekinel and Dana Veraldi

dear dana

It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with Deer Dana founders, Kevin Tekinel and Dana Veraldi. This design duo has all but redefined paying homage to icons, creating sketches of cultural icons and putting them on the perfect white tee. Whether its fashion designer Olivier Theysken or rapper Rick Ross, the irrestible pieces from this line cover culture in a new way. We couldn’t help but sit down with the two designers to talk about their favorite food spots…

Name: Dana Veraldi

Occupation: Designer/Art Director, Deer Dana

Currently living in: Long Island City, Queens NYC

What you eat for lunch when doing business in…

Chelsea: City Bakery

Lower East Side: Brown

West Village: Cafe Cluny

East Village: The Smile

Soho: Jack’s Wife Freda

Brooklyn: Diner


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