Robert Farrell

Designer Robert Farrell has left his mark on a variety of spaces ranging from Chelsea Lofts to Brooklyn Brownstones. Named by Timeout New York as one of the great experts on decor, this visionary takes us through his favorite restaurant spaces, and how he is the kitchen whisperer when it comes to their design…

The New York restaurant that never goes out of style… 

La Luncheonette and Balthazar.

What are your favorite restaurants for the atmosphere? 

La Luncheonette and Balthazar

Are there any restaurants you go to, for design inspiration? 

La Colombe D’or, Saint Paul de Vence, France.

What time period inspires you most? 

1776, 1789, 1914, Lunch time every day.

What is your approach when designing a kitchen, where do you draw inspiration from? 

I ask the kitchen what it wants to be…it always talks back!

What elements are essential to a great kitchen?

Great food!

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