Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse is an avid collector of antiques, an appreciation that can be seen at all of his restaurants. The New Potato decided to take a tour through Benoit New York, and along the way we found a few things we fell in love with…

*The ceiling in the bar at Benoit New York is actually an antique Chef Ducasse found dating back to the 19th century, originally the ceiling of a bakery in Paris, France.

*The cartoon medallions along the walls of Benoit, are originally from the previous restaurant, La Cote Basque, which opened in the late 1950’s and stayed in business for 45 years.

*The private dining room upstairs in Benoit, is an apothecary from Bordeaux, that dates back to 1825. It was broken up into 10 parts when Chef Ducasse found it, and he worked with craftsmen in the South of France to restore it, finally bringing it back for Benoit New York. Delicate ceramic fruit sculptures have been placed perfectly throughout the room by Chef Ducasse himself.

*The glass case towards the back of Benoit New York is host to terrine and mustard pots from Chef Ducasse’s personal collection.

*At the end of a meal at Benoit, waiters come around with a gorgeous antique pastry trolley.

*The Ducasse cookpot is a dish at all of Ducasse’s restaurants. Chef Ducasse worked with french designer, Pierre Tachon, to conceive this global symbol.

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*Cookpot photo by Thomas Duval

*Benoit’s private dining room the oficine, cartoon medallion, and bar ceiling photos, by Michael Piazza